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  1. In the match editor, click the icon on top of the editor.
  2. In the Match Rule Selector wizard, select the match rule you want to import into the match analysis editor and use on the analyzed data.
    A warning message displays in the wizard if the match rule you want to import is defined on columns that do not exist in the analyzed data. Ignore the message as you can define input columns later in the match analysis editor.
  3. When you want to replace the rule in the editor with the rule you import, select the Overwrite current Match Rule in the analysis check box.
  4. Click OK.
    The match rule is imported and the matching and blocking keys and survivorship rules are listed in the Matching Key and Blocking Key tables respectively.
  5. Click in the Input column and select from the list the column on which you want to apply the imported blocking and matching keys.
    If you have in the analyzed data a column that match the input column in the imported keys, it will be automatically defined in the Input column, you do not need to define it yourself.
    When you analyze data with multiple conditions, the match results list data records that meet any of the defined rules. When you execute the match analysis, an OR match operation is conducted on data and data records are evaluated against the first rule and the records that match are not evaluated against the other rules.