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  1. From Talend Studio login window, select Import an existing project then click Select to open the Import wizard.
  2. Enter a name for your new project in the Project Name field.
    Warning: Make sure the project name you entered is unique, and bear in mind:
    • A project name is case insensitive
    • A project name must start with an English letter and can contain only letters, numbers, the hyphen (-), and the underscore (_)
    • The hyphen (-) character is deemed as the underscore (_)
  3. Click Select root directory or Select archive file depending on the source you want to import from.
  4. Click Browse... to select the workspace directory/archive file of the specific project folder. By default, the workspace in selection is the current release's one. Browse up to reach the previous release workspace directory or the archive file containing the projects to import.
  5. Click Finish to validate the operation and return to the login window.


Upon successful project import, the names of the imported projects are displayed on the Project list of the login window.

You can now select the imported project you want to open in Talend Studio and click Finish to launch Talend Studio.

Note: A generation initialization window might come up when launching the application. Wait until the initialization is complete.