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You can install some external plugins to Talend Studio via the Install wizard, which can be opened from the Help > Install External Software... menu.

The external plugin you want to install must be compatible with Eclipse 4.20, based on which Talend Studio is developed.

By default, the external plugin that you have installed is activated for all your projects.

Warning: Although you can install some external plugins to Talend Studio, Talend provides no guarantee that they can work.

To uninstall an external plugin, click already installed in the Install wizard, and in the pop-up Talend Studio Installation Details wizard, select the items you want to uninstall and click Uninstall....

Tip: If an external plugin and Talend Studio have the same dependency, dependency conflicts might arise when installing an update for Talend Studio. If this happens, uninstall the external plugin before installing the update for Talend Studio.

For more information about installing and uninstalling an external plugin, see the official Eclipse documentation Updating and installing software.