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When designing a data model entity in Talend Studio, you can add one or more elements as auto increments, whose values will be incremented by 1 automatically each time you create a new data record related to the given data model entity

For more information about how to create a data model, see Creating a data model.

To define an element as an auto increment in the data model editor, firstly change it to be of Simple Type and then select AUTO_INCREMENT from the custom simple types.

You can review and edit the values of auto increments related to a given data model in the data container browser.

Warning: When updating the values of auto increments in an entity, avoid creating any data record in all entities that contain auto increments.

About this task

To manage the values of auto increments, do the following:


  1. In the MDM Repository tree view, expand the Data Container node.
  2. Double-click the data container that holds one or more entities with auto increments.
  3. Click the button on the menu bar.
  4. The Manage AutoIncrement dialog box opens, showing the current values of auto increments for each entity.
    Click the Value field and enter a new value in the row of the entity for which you want to redefine the starting value of its auto increment.
  5. If needed, select one specific entity and click the Reset button to reset the starting value of its auto increment to be 0 or click the Reset All button to reset the starting value of all auto increments to be 0.
  6. Click OK to validate your changes.