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About this task

Unless you are using the aggregate element which always classifies the output elements and splits an output XML flow, you are able to determine whether an XML flow is output as one single flow or as separate flows, using the All in one feature in the tXMLMap editor.

To do this, on the output side of the Map editor, proceed as follows:


  1. Click the pincer icon to open the map setting panel. The following figure presents an example.
  2. Click the All in one field and from the drop-down list, select true or false to decide whether the output XML flow should be one single flow.
    • If you select true, the XML data is output all in one single flow. In this example, the single flow reads as follows:

      The structure of this flow reads:

    • If you select false, the XML data is output in separate flows, each loop being one flow, neither grouped nor aggregated. In this example, these flows read as follows:

      Each flow contains one complete XML structure. To take the first flow as example, its structure reads:

    Note: The All in one feature is disabled if you are using the aggregate element.