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Prior to setting up CDC in Redo/Archive log mode (journal) on AS/400, you need to verify the prerequisites as follows on your AS/400:

  • OS AS/400 V5R3M0, V5R4M0 or V6R1M0 is used;

  • the AS/400 user account for CDC must have *ALLOBJ privileges or at least all of the following privileges:

    - CRTSAVF,

    - CLRSAVF,

    - DLTF,

    - RSTLIB,

    - DLTLIB,

    - CRTLIB,

    - CHGCMD,

    - FTP (access to the FTP port must be ensured),

    - READ access on journal receivers,

    - READ access on monitored AS/400 files,

    - READ/WRITE access on output library;

  • the names of the files of interest should not exceed 10 characters;

  • if the files of interest are already journalized, the journal must be created with option IMAGES (*BOTH)

For further information about the setup of these listed prerequisites, see the manual of your AS/400 system.