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In Atlas, the lineage written by a Job consists of two types of entities.

  • The Job itself.

  • The components in the Job that are using data schemas, such as tRowGenerator or tSortRow. The connection or configuration components such as tHDFSConfiguration are not taken into account since these components do not use schemas.

The example Job generates 6 entities: one for the Job and five for the components, and automatically adds three different tags to these entities:
  • Talend for all the entities generated by the Job

  • TalendComponent for all the component entities.

  • TalendJob for all the Job entities.

You can directly click one of these tags in Atlas to display the corresponding entities.

For example, you can click TalendJob to show a list of Job entities logged in Atlas and select a Job to see the lineage information of this Job. The following image shows how the data flow is handled in the Job used as example: