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About this task

In a collaborative environment where multiple users work on the same project simultaneously, you may encounter conflicts when pushing, updating or merging branches. In this case, you will see a dialog box asking you whether to resolve the conflicts.

To resolve the conflicts, do the following:


  1. Click OK in the dialog box to open the Git Merge perspective.
    Conflicts Found dialog box.
    The Git Merge perspective opens, and the Conflicts Navigator panel on the left displays the project items on which conflicts have been found.
  2. In the Conflicts Navigator panel, right-click a conflicted item and select from the context menu:
    Conflicts Navigator panel.
    • Resolve in editor: to open a compare editor in the right-hand panel of the Git Merge perspective.

      Note that this option is available only for project items mentioned in Resolving conflicts in compare editors.

    • Accept mine: to accept all the changes on the working branch to fix conflicts on the item without opening a compare editor.

    • Accept theirs: to accept all changes on the other branch to fix conflicts on the item without opening a compare editor.

    • Mark as resolved: to mark all conflicts on the item as resolved, leaving discrepancies between the branches.

  3. When all conflicts are fixed and marked as resolved, click Yes when the following dialog box opens, or the Continue merge icon on the top of the Conflicts Navigator panel to continue your previous action.
    Continue the previous action immediately dialog box.