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About this task

You can set a rule to define a default value for a specific element. This default value will be displayed automatically when a business user creates a new record that contains the specific element through Talend MDM Web UI.

The following example shows how to set a default value rule for the Status element of string type in the Agent entity:


  1. In the Data Model Entities area, click the element on which you want to define the default value rule.
  2. In the Properties view, click the Rules tab, and then click the Default Value tab.
  3. In the Expression area, set the default value for the selected element.
    In this example, enter "Pending" in the Expression area.
    In addition to elements of string type, you can set default value rules for:
    • elements of numeric type, for example, enter 10 or 12.5.

    • elements of boolean type, for example, enter fn:true() or fn:false().

  4. Save your changes, and then click OK in the Validation Result Dialog dialog box that opens.


Deploy the modified data model to the MDM server, and then go to Talend MDM Web UI to verify that the default value rule has taken effect.

For more information about how to deploy items to the MDM server, see Deploying repository items to the MDM Server.