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The second step after defining the columns to be analyzed is to set statistics indicators for each of the defined columns.


You can also use Java user-defined indicators when analyzing columns in a delimited file on the condition that a Java user-defined indicator is already created.

For more information, see Defining Java user-defined indicators.

Before you begin

An analysis of a delimited file is open in the analysis editor in the Profiling perspective of Talend Studio.


  1. Follow the procedure outlined in Defining the columns to be analyzed.
  2. From the Data preview view in the analysis editor, click Select indicators to open the Indicator Selection dialog box.
  3. From the Indicator Selection dialog box:
    In this example, you want to set the Simple Statistics indicators on all columns, the Text Statistics indicators on the first_name column and the Soundex Frequency on the first_name column as well.
    Note: You can set the text statistics indicators on a column only if its data mining type is set to nominal. Otherwise, these indicators will be grayed out in the Indicator Selection dialog box.
    The selected indicators are attached to the analyzed columns in the Analyzed Columns view.
  4. Save the analysis.