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If your execution has failed on the Remote Engine, but not during a simple Talend Studio run operation, build it as a Standalone Job in Talend Studio.


  1. Build a Standalone Job of your Artifact as described in Building Jobs.
  2. Extract the built archive to the same machine where the Talend Remote Engine is located.
  3. Execute the bat or sh file.

What to do next

If the Artifact is executed as a Standalone Job without errors on Talend JobServer, there may be an issue with your design, cloud connection, or your Talend Remote Engine configuration.
  1. Ensure that your cloud connection is configured according to Connecting Talend Studio to Talend Cloud.
  2. Ensure that your Talend Remote Engine is configured according to the instructions in the Talend Remote Engine User Guide.
  3. Redesign your Artifact.
  4. If the issue persists, contact Talend Technical Support.

If the Standalone Job execution fails as well, you must redesign your Artifact so that it can run on Talend JobServer, then try executing the Artifact on the Remote Engine again.