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About this task

Before propagating changes in the parameters of an item centralized in the tree view throughout the Jobs using this entry, you might want to view all Jobs that are impacted by the changes. To do that, complete the following:


  1. In the Repository tree view, expand the node holding the entry you want to check what Jobs use it.
  2. Right-click the entry and select Detect Dependencies.
    A progress bar indicates the process of checking for all Jobs that use the modified metadata or context parameter. Then a dialog box displays to list all Jobs that use the modified item.
    Update Detection dialog box.
    Note: You can also display this dialog box by clicking the Spanner icon on the toolbar.
  3. Select the check boxes corresponding to the Jobs you want to update with the modified metadata or context parameter and clear those corresponding to the Jobs you do not want to update.
  4. Click OK to validate and close the dialog box.


Note: The Jobs that you choose not to update will be switched back to Built-in, as the link to the Repository cannot be maintained. It will thus keep their setting as it was before the change.