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When one project references another, all items in the referenced project are available for reuse from the main project.

For example, you can drop a business rule or a pattern defined in a reference project directly to an analysis you create in the current project without going into the process of creating the item from scratch.
Tip: From the main project, before selecting new columns from a reference project in the Column Selection dialog box, expand those new columns in the reference project.

When you import analyses from a reference project into a local project or a remote project which does not connect to the same reference project, you will have problems opening the analyses and running them. This is because only analyses are imported without their items. You must first create the connection to the same reference project before being able to correctly use the analyses in the current project.

Before you begin

  • You have read-writing authorization for the main and referenced projects. For further information, see Managing project authorizations.
  • You have opened the main project in Talend Studio.


  1. From the main project, open the analysis on which you want to use an item from the reference project.
    In this example, you want to use a business rule age_18 defined in the reference project on a table analysis from the main project.
    Overview of the Age_Analysis analysis and the SQL rule to be used.
  2. Drop age_18 from the reference project to the selected table in the analysis editor.
    Items and resources in the referenced projects are always up-to-date since the refresh option in Talend Studio will refresh EVERY item in Talend Studio. However, the refresh operation could be quite long if you have too many references and items in each of your projects. It is therefor preferable not to use very big referenced projects, especially if you use the database repository.
  3. Run the analysis.


The table is analyzed against the business rule from the reference project and results are displayed in the editor.
Tables and graphics for the Where Rule indicator.