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  • TDQ_V_LAST_ANALYSIS_EXEC: contains the primary key of the last execution of each analysis. This view uses TDQ_V_ALL_RUN_ANALYSIS

  • TDQ_V_ALL_RUN_ANALYSIS: contains all analysis primary keys with the calendar time

  • TDQ_V_LAST_RUN_ANALYSIS: contains the primary key of the last execution of each analysis alongside with the time execution information and the foreign keys to calendar and time dimensions

  • TDQ_V_IND_HISTO: contains all historized values of indicator computations on column analysis alongside all readable information such as labels from all the dimensions

Detailed description of views:

  • ANALYSIS_PK: foreign keys to the analysis dimension tables

  • LAST_RUNTIME: count of last version of the analyzed element

  • ANALYSIS_PK: foreign keys to the analysis dimension table

  • CAL_PK: foreign keys to the execution date of the analysis

  • TIME_PK: foreign keys to the execution time of the analysis

  • AN_RUNTIME: execution date of the analysis

  • REP_UUID: report identifier

  • AN_UUID: analysis identifier

  • REP_LABEL: report name

  • AN_CREATION_DATE: analysis creation date

  • AN_AUTHOR: analysis author

  • AN_DATA_FILTER: analysis data filter

  • REP_CREATION_DATE: report creation date

  • REP_AUTHOR: report author

  • REP_STATUS: report status

  • ELT_UUID: identifier of analyzed element

  • ELT_CONNECTION_UUID: connection identifier

  • ELT_CONNECTION_NAME: connection name

  • ELT_CATALOG_NAME: catalog name

  • ELT_SCHEMA_NAME: schema name

  • ELT_TABLE_NAME: table name

  • ELT_COLUMN_NAME: column name

  • IND_UUID: indicator identifier

  • IND_LABEL: indicator label

  • IND_CATEG_UUID: identifier of category

  • IND_CATEGORY: category of identifier

  • INO_REGEXP: regular expression

  • CAL_DATE: date

  • TIME_HOUR: hour (0-23)

  • TIME_MINUTE: minutes (0-59)

  • RUN_TIME: execution date of the analysis

  • INDV_INT_VALUE: integer value of indicator

  • INDV_ROW_COUNT: total row count when evaluating the indicator