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In the Profiling perspective, it is possible to add tasks to different items, display the task list and delete any completed task from the task list.

You can add tasks to different items either:
  • In the DQ Repository tree view on connections, catalogs, schemas, tables, columns, and created analyses, or

  • On columns, or patterns and indicators set on columns directly in the current analysis editor.

You can as well add tasks to generated reports or to analyses listed under the generated reports under the Reports node in the DQ Repository tree view.

For example, you can add a general task to any item in a database connection via the Metadata node in the DQ Repository tree view. You can add a more specific task to the same item defined in the context of an analysis through the Analyses node. Finally, you can add a task to a column in an analysis context (also to a pattern or an indicator set on this column) directly in the current analysis editor.

The procedure to add a task to any of these items is exactly the same. Adding tasks to such items will list these tasks in the Tasks list accessible through the Window > Show view... combination. Later, you can open the editor corresponding to the relevant item by double-clicking the appropriate task in the Tasks list.