Configuring data inputs and hash cache - Cloud - 8.0


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  1. Double-click the first tFixedFlowInput component to display its Basic settings view.
  2. Select Built-In from the Schema drop-down list.
    Tip: You can select Repository in the Schema drop-down list to fill in the relevant fields automatically if the relevant metadata has been stored in the Repository. For more information about Metadata, see Managing metadata in Talend Studio.
  3. Click Edit schema to define the data structure of the input flow. In this case, the input has two integer type columns: ID and ID_Insurance, and then click OK to close the dialog box.
  4. Fill in the Number of rows field to specify the entries to output, e.g. 50000.
  5. Select the Use Single Table check box. In the Values table and in the Value column, assign values to the columns, e.g. 1 for ID and 3 for ID_Insurance.
  6. Perform the same operations for the second tFixedFlowInput component, with the only difference in the values. That is, 2 for ID and 4 for ID_Insurance in this case.
  7. Double-click the first tHashOutput to display its Basic settings view.
  8. Select Built-In from the Schema drop-down list and click Sync columns to retrieve the schema from the previous component. Select Keep all from the Keys management drop-down list and keep the Append check box selected.
  9. Perform the same operations for the second tHashOutput component, and select the Link with a tHashOutput check box.