TPS-5475 - 8.0

Talend Data Integration
Talend SAP RFC Server
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Info Value
Patch Name Patch_20230317_TPS-5475_v1-8.0.1
Release Date 2023-03-17
Target Version 20211109_1610-V8.0.1
Product affected Talend SAP RFC Server


This is a self-contained patch.

NOTE: For information on how to obtain this patch, reach out to your Support contact at Talend.

Fixed issues

This patch contains the following fixes:

  • TDI-46850 Upgrade ActiveMQ Jars (5.16.3)

  • TDI-46932 tSAPInput component parses TIMS Midnight as null when using dynamic schema

  • TDI-47241 CVE: log4j-api(core)-[2 - 2.15.0)

  • TDI-47325 Cannot create data source(SAP BW version 7.5)

  • TDI-47633 CVE: Replace log4j1.x by reload4j or upgrade to log4j2

  • TDI-47763 Assess Spring4Shell vulnerability

  • TDI-47861 CVE: tomcat-embed-core 9.0.30 have risk

  • TDI-47869 Authentication Bypass in Talend/tsap-rfc-server

  • TDI-47573 SAP RFC Server shouldn't be required when feature mode is mock

  • TDI-48107 CVE: gson-2.8.0.jar

  • TDI-48174 [CVE] : upgrade kafka-clients to 2.8.1

  • TDI-48471 Denial Of Service (DoS) in Talend/cloud-components (master)--snakeyaml 1.32

  • TDI-48726 Spring-beans: Denial Of Service (DoS) in Talend/tsap-rfc-server (master)---spring 5.3.23

  • TDI-48715 CVE-2022-42003,CVE-2022-42004, jackson-databind-

  • TDI-48873 Upgrade slf4j to 1.7.34

  • TDI-48818 Kafka: Denial Of Service (DoS) in Talend/tsap-rfc-server, sap-api and cloud-components

  • TDI-48821 Apache common codec and Apache http client in Talend/talend-sap-api (master)

  • TDI-49303 Premium Data,commons-net:commons-net:(2.2,3.3,3.6,3.8.0)


Consider the following requirements for your system:

  • Talend SAP RFC Server 8.0.1 must be installed. and work with Talend Studio 8.0.1 with patch "R2021-12" or newer


Installing the patch using Talend SAP RFC Server

  1. Stop the Talend SAP RFC Server
  2. Extract the zip.
  3. Overwrite the {sap rfc server home}/tsap-rfc-server-8.0.1.jar
  4. Adjust the new configuration in {sap rfc server home}/conf/, please refer to file in the patch root folder.
  5. Restart the Talend SAP RFC Server