How to Upgrade Apache Tomcat used by Talend Identity and Access Management? - 8.0

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Installation and Upgrade

Upgrading Apache Tomcat used by Talend Identity and Access Management

This procedure explains how to upgrade a point release of Apache Tomcat. For more information on the supported releases, see Compatible web application servers in the Talend Data Fabric Installation Guide.

This procedure assumes the default installation path for Apache Tomcat with Talend Identity and Access Management. If Apache Tomcat was installed in a different location, make the appropriate path changes.

To upgrade Apache Tomcat to a newer release, the new files must be downloaded and must replace the existing installation. Some files from the following folders will need to be migrated:

  • \iam\apache-tomcat\conf

  • \iam\apache-tomcat\webapps

  • \iam\apache-tomcat\bin


  1. Download Apache Tomcat from
  2. Check the Apache Tomcat configuration file differences from the Apache Tomcat migration guide to verify there are no impacting differences.

    If changes are needed for the versions being upgraded, see the Apache Tomcat documentation for guidance.

  3. Stop Talend Identity and Access Management.
  4. Rename the existing apache-tomcat folder to OLDapache-tomcat, for example.

    Example: The folder name must not start with apache.

  5. Extract the new Apache Tomcat version to the apache-tomcat folder using 7-Zip.

    Make sure the file permissions are set appropriately and are the same permissions set for OLDapache-tomcat.

  6. Copy the contents of OLDapache-tomcat\conf to \iam\apache-tomcat\conf.
  7. Copy the contents of OLDapache-tomcat\webapps to \iam\apache-tomcat\webapps.
    The following five folders are already existing from Apache Tomcat and can be deleted if you do not need them in your production environment:
    • docs

    • examples

    • host-manager

    • manager

    • root

  8. Copy the following files from OLDapache-tomcat\bin to \iam\apache-tomcat\bin:
    • service.bat

    • setenv.bat

  9. For Windows installations, you also need to copy the following files from OLDapache-tomcat\bin to \iam\apache-tomcat\bin:
    • tomcat9.exe

    • tomcat9w.exe

  10. Copy the following folders from OLDapache-tomcat to \iam\apache-tomcat:
    • app

    • clients

    • idp

    • oidc

    • syncope

  11. Copy ststrust.jks from OLDapache-tomcat to \iam\apache-tomcat.
  12. Copy the following jars from OLDapache-tomcat\lib to \iam\apache-tomcat\lib:
    • h2-1.4.193.jar

    • postgresql-9.4.1211.jre7.jar

    • tomcat-tld-libs-1.3.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

  13. Comment the following line from the \iam\apache-tomcat\conf\server.xml file.
    <Connector port="9009" protocol="AJP/1.3" redirectPort="9443" />
  14. Start Talend Identity and Access Management.