Using Apache Syncope with Talend ESB - 8.0

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Using Apache Syncope with Talend ESB

This article explains how to test the installation and configuration of Apache Syncope with Talend ESB. The installation settings are for testing and POC purposes only. It is not in production ready state.

Apache Syncope

Apache Syncope is an open source system for managing digital identities in enterprise environments, implemented in JEE technology and released under Apache 2.0 licence.

Identity Management (IdM) represents the joint result of business process and IT to manage user data on systems and applications. For more information, visit the Apache Syncope website.


Installing Apache Syncope

This section explains how to install Apache Syncope, which is delivered with Talend ESB.


  1. Copy the files syncope and syncope-console located at /esb/add-ons/tidm to the tomcat webapps folder.
  2. Call the following page to check that the installation was successful http://localhost:8080/syncope-console.
    Use this URL if you are deploying on localhost on port 8080.
  3. Log in to Syncope with the default username and password.
    Default username admin
    Default password password
  4. Create groups and users to authenticate later in your services.

Configuring a database for Apache Syncope

This section explains how to configure an external database for Apache Syncope. Configuring an external database is not required for the test installation, but it is recommended to use a permanent database for storage.


  1. Create a schema in the database.
  2. Edit the file located at syncope/web-inf/classes.
    Note: Depending on which external database you use, you may need to change the database dialect property in the file, and you must ensure that you have the necessary database role to continue with the configuration.
  3. Modify the database configuration in order to link to the database, MySQL in this case.
  4. Restart tomcat to make the change effective.

Configuring Apache Syncope in Talend Runtime

This section explains how to configure Talend Runtime to point to the Syncope installation. Talend has all the necessary infrastructure for Syncope integration. You only need to modify some files and to switch your authorization module to use Talend Identity Management.


  1. Edit the org.talend.esb.sts.server.cfg file located at /esb/container/etc.
    If the file does not exist, enter the following command on Talend Runtime console to create the configuration file in the etc folder.
    Karaf> tesb:start-sts
    Karaf> tesb:stop-sts