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Wiretap (Mediation)

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These properties are used to configure cWireTap running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard cWireTap component belongs to the Routing family.

Basic settings


The endpoint URI to send the wire tapped message.

Populate new exchange

Select this check box to populate a new message to the wiretap URI.

Populate Type

This option appears when the Populate new exchange check box is selected. The Populate Type is either Expression or Processor.

Expression: Using expression allows you to set the message body of the new exchange.

Language: Select the language of the expression you want to use to set the message body from None, Bean, Constant, CorrelationID, EL, Groovy, Header, JoSQL, JSonPath, JXPath, MVEL, OGNL, PHP, Property, Python, Ruby, Simple, SpEL, SQL, XPath, and XQuery.

For more information about how to use the languages to create an expression, see the site

Expression TXT: Enter the expression to set the message body.

  Processor: Using processor gives you full power to specify how the exchange is populated as you can set properties, headers and so on to the message with a piece of Java code in the Code field.
Copy the original message

Select this check box to create a copy of the original exchange, which will be the totally the same as the original one. If this check box is not selected, only a new exchange with the same endpoint name will be created. The message body and headers are null.

The exchange pattern is InOnly for both conditions.


Usage rule

cWireTap can be a middle component in a Route.