Updating/removing a Zendesk ticket - Cloud - 8.0


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This scenario demonstrates how to update some fields in a ticket and remove a ticket. To update or remove a Zendesk ticket, you need to provide the ticket ID, specify the operation to carry out (that is, update or delete), and, for update operations, specify the desired fields and the new field values. This scenario assumes that you have a Zendesk user account, have API Token access enabled, and have an active API token. For information about enabling API Token access and generating an API token, refer to Generating a new API token.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

This scenario uses the same Job described in the previous scenario. You set ticket ID and field/field value pairs through the tFixedFlowInput component in the first subJob. The tZendeskOutput component carries out the specified operation. The second subJob validates the operation by retrieving and displaying the specified fields of all existing tickets.

Note: A ticket ID uniquely identifies a ticket. It is assigned by Zendesk when a ticket is generated and cannot be changed.

This scenario assumes that the following two tickets exist on the Zendesk server. You can refer to the previous scenario for steps on how to create a Zendesk ticket on the Zendesk server.