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Download API documentation and definitions to publish on your portal.


  1. Open Talend Cloud API Designer and go to the API Portal tab.
  2. Click Configure the API Portal.
  3. Click Select API Documentation to publish.
  4. In the API Portal tab, click the Download button to download documentation for an API and save the file.
    By default, the ZIP file downloaded contains:
    • An file containing the API documentation to be published on the portal.
    • An openapi30.json file and a swagger20.json file containing the API definition in OAS 3.0 and Swagger 2.0 respectively. These files can be downloaded by users from the portal.

    You can select the API definitions to download in the Settings. For more information, see Publishing downloadable API definitions.

  5. Unzip the file in your repository, in the apis folder.
    In the apis folder, you should have a folder for each API and a sub-folder for each API version.
  6. Commit your changes.


You have pushed an API to your repository, you can now deploy your portal.