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Use Talend Cloud API Tester to make calls to your API mock.

The easiest way to start interacting with your API mock is to start making requests to it from Talend Cloud API Tester, the HTTP client and testing tool available as a Google Chrome extension.

Before you begin

  • You have enabled your API mock.
  • You have installed the Talend Cloud API Tester Google Chrome extension.


  1. Open your API and go to Settings > MOCK.
  2. Click Try the mock in API Tester.

    You can also try individual operations by clicking Try in API Tester on any operation's page in the editor, or next to the operation's name in published documentation.

    Tip: If you keep the mock endpoint as the first in the list of endpoints in your API contract, all use of the Try in API Tester feature opens Talend Cloud API Tester and creates requests that target your mock.


The entire API opens as a new project in Talend Cloud API Tester.