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Export your API definition to use it with an API gateway.

After designing your API, you may need to publish it to an API gateway in order to handle issues such as authentication, monitoring and logging. To do so, you can export your API definition and import it into any API gateway.

For AWS API Gateway and Azure API Management, Talend Cloud API Designer offers an API gateway compatibility mode which helps you avoid compatibility issues.
Tip: You can also export your API definition for other API gateways using the Standard OAS export. This export should be compatible with many API gateways, such as Apigee.

If you export your API in one of the compatibility modes, Talend Cloud API Designer informs you of the elements in your API that might not be supported in the gateway. There are three possible levels of messages:

  • Information: there is a compatibility issue but the definition is exported without alterations and you will be able to import it to the gateway.
  • Warning: there is a compatibility issue and the definition is modified in order to be imported successfully to the gateway.
  • Error: there is a compatibility issue which will prevent you from importing the definition to the gateway.
The messages are displayed in the bottom right corner of the window.

For more information about AWS API Gateway limitations, see AWS API Gateway Known Issues.

For more information about Azure API Management restrictions, see the API import restrictions and known issues.