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Create API definitions according to the OAS (formerly known as Swagger) and RAML specifications. The Talend Cloud API Designer editor allows you to use these specifications without knowing their complicated syntax. And from a single API design in Talend Cloud API Designer, you can export all types of API definitions.

Import existing API definitions

If you have an existing API definition, Talend Cloud API Designer allows you to import the following formats:

  • OpenAPI Specification 3.0
  • OAS/Swagger 2.0
  • OAS/Swagger 1.2
  • RAML 1.0

Preview your API definition as you go

The tabs at the bottom of the editor allow you to quickly preview your API design in OAS/Swagger or RAML as you go along.

Export your finished API

When you have finished designing your API, you can download the OAS/Swagger or RAML directly to a file through the EXPORT menu. You can also export your API definition with Talend extensions.