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Talend Cloud API Portal Deployment Guide

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Deploy your portal by connecting your repository to AWS Amplify Console. For more information, see the Amplify documentation.

Before you begin

  • You have the relevant rights on AWS.
  • You have generated your API Portal repository.


  1. Log in to AWS and open the Amplify service.
  2. Create a new app:
    • If this is the first web app on your account, click Get started under Host your web app at the bottom of the AWS Amplify homepage.
    • If there are already other web apps, click New app > Host web app.
  3. Select your Git provider as the source, and click Continue to connect your repository.
  4. Click Authorize aws-amplify-console.
  5. Select your repository and your branch, then click Next.
    The name of your repository is set as your app name and your build settings are automatically detected.
  6. Enter a new name for your app if needed, then click Next.
  7. Make sure that your configuration is correct and click Save and deploy.


Your portal is built and deployed. You can click the link provided to see it.
If needed, you can easily restrict access to your portal by adding a username and password in App settings > Access control.