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Talend Cloud API Portal Deployment Guide

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Deploy your portal by connecting your GitHub repository to Azure Static Web Apps. For more information, see the Azure Static Web Apps documentation.

Before you begin

  • You have the relevant rights on Microsoft Azure.
  • You have generated your API Portal repository.


  1. Log in to your Azure account and open the Static Web Apps service.
  2. Click Add to create a new static web app.
  3. In the Project details section, select your subscription and resource group.
  4. In the Static Web App details, enter a name for your web app and select a region.
  5. Click Sign in with GitHub to link your GitHub account to your web app and click Authorize Azure-App-Service-Static-Web-Apps.
  6. Once your account is linked, select the organization, repository and branch to use to build your portal.
  7. In the Build Presets drop-down list, select Hugo, then enter the required location details.
    This parameter allows Azure Static Web Apps to automatically use the build configuration provided in the GitHub repository.
  8. Click Review + create.
  9. Make sure that your configuration is correct and click Create.


Your portal is deploying and a GitHub Action automatically starts on your repository.
Once it is completed, you can click the URL provided on Azure Static Web Apps to access your portal.