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Talend Cloud API Portal Deployment Guide

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The GitHub Pages deployment can be enabled directly in Talend Cloud API Designer, but you can also do it manually after generating your repository. For more information, see the GitHub documentation.

Before you begin

  • You have generated your API Portal repository.
  • You have a GitHub plan that allows you to publish to GitHub Pages from a private repository.


  1. In your GitHub repository, go to Settings and scroll down to the GitHub Pages section.
  2. Select gh-pages as the source branch, and /(root) as the source directory, then click Save.
  3. On the main branch, open the file /.github/workflows/github-pages.yaml and update the on element as follows:
        branches: [ 'main' ]
  4. Commit your changes.


Once the edit to github-pages.yaml is committed, the corresponding GitHub Action should run. It builds the content from your main branch and pushes it to the gh-pages branch, which is used to deploy your portal. The URL is available in the GitHub Pages section in the settings.