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Import API contracts from Talend Cloud API Designer or Swagger.

From Talend Cloud API Designer

Talend Cloud API Designer is a module of the Talend platform that enables teams to design and document their API contract. Talend offers a built-in integration from Talend Cloud API Designer to Talend Cloud API Tester in order to quickly interact with an API being built. The imported contract can also be very useful to bootstrap API tests from an existing contract.

Swagger 2.0

The specification of the Swagger 2.0 format is available here.

Only JSON is supported at the moment. If you have a YAML document, you can easily convert it to JSON before importing it in Talend Cloud API Tester. You can try this converter for example.

The whole Swagger description is imported into a new project. The table below describes the items created at import.

Swagger item Corresponding Talend Cloud API Tester item Comments
API Project A project containing all the converted Swagger. Its name and description are the Swagger API title and description.
Path Service Each path in Swagger is converted to a service. The service is named after the base path of the Swagger path.
Operation Request All the operations of a Swagger path are converted to requests and located inside the service extracted from the said path.