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This section shows the headers that are typically managed by the browser, and what values have been sent. With Talend Cloud API Tester, you can let the browser manage these headers for you or you can choose to take control of it.

Browser behavior

Chrome browser adds additional headers to your HTTP requests if they are not provided, such as:

  • User-Agent
  • Accept, Accept-Encoding, Accept-Language
  • Cookie

The headers actually sent are displayed in the Complete request headers part of the response.

You can click the values to define them as part of your request. You can overwrite them if needed.

If you are automating your API tests, it is recommended to explicitly override headers that are relevant for your API, so that the behavior will be reproducible with the automation tool.


Talend Cloud API Tester uses Google Chrome's Cookies management.

If Google Chrome has stored a cookie related to a particular domain, this cookie will be added to the request you send with Talend Cloud API Tester to that domain.

If you do not want cookies to be added in a request, simply define a Cookie header with an empty value to override this behavior.