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Talend Cloud API Tester allows you to insert a button in your website that will open your request directly in Talend Cloud API Tester.


  1. In your HTML page, add the following meta tag to link it with Talend Cloud API Tester.
    Parameter Type Required Description
    name String Yes The value must be dhc-aware-page.
    data-indicator-element-id String No Specifies the id of the element Talend Cloud API Tester will inject in your page to let it know it is available. The default value is dhcInfo.
    data-console-debug Boolean No If the value is true, debug information will be printed into the browser's JavaScript console (on your page). The default value is false.

    The injected element looks like this:

    <script id="my-id" client-indicator="my-id" type="dhc/info">
  2. Call window.postMessage with the following message object to instruct Talend Cloud API Tester to open.
          target : "<extension_id>",
          type : "<type>",
          payloadType: "<type_of_payload>",
          payload : "<payload>",
          shouldReplaceOriginTab: <shouldReplaceOriginTab>
    Parameter Type Required Description
    target String Yes

    The ID of the Talend Cloud API Tester extension. It can be obtained from the Talend Cloud API Tester indicator element. For example: JSON.parse(document.querySelector('script[type="dhc/info"]').innerText).extensionId

    Or if you set data-indicator-element-id to my-id in your meta tag: JSON.parse(document.getElementById('my-id').innerText).extensionId

    type String Yes

    The type of the message, instructs Talend Cloud API Tester on what action it should perform.The possible values are openRequest or openExtension (to open without loading a request).

    payloadType String Yes The type of the payload to load in Talend Cloud API Tester. Possible values: apiTester if the type parameter is set to openRequest or none if it is openExtension.
    payload String Only if the type is openRequest The request to load if type is set to openRequest. See the example below.
    shouldReplaceOriginTab Boolean No Indicates whether Talend Cloud API Tester should be loaded in the tab sending window.postMessage or in a new tab. The default value is false.


       "name": "Post example on HTTP Bin",
       "headers": [
               "enabled": true,
               "name": "Content-Type",
               "value": "application/json"
       "type": "Request",
       "method": {
           "requestBody": true,
           "link": "",
           "name": "POST"
       "body": {
           "autoSetLength": true,
           "textBody": "{\n  \"lastname\": \"Eastwood\",\n  \"firstname\": \"Clint\"\n}",
           "bodyType": "Text"
       "headersType": "Form",
       "uri": {
           "path": "",
           "query": {
               "delimiter": "&",
               "items": [
                       "enabled": true,
                       "name": "details",
                       "value": "full"
           "scheme": {
               "secure": true,
               "name": "https",
               "version": "V11"