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Talend Cloud API Tester automatically detects if a query parameter needs to be encoded.

Each query parameter in a request has a menu with an option named Encode before sending:

You can enable or disable this option manually, but Talend Cloud API Tester automatically detects whether the query parameter needs to be encoded based on its value. By default, it is enabled even if the value does not contain any characters that need encoding. For example, in https://swapi.dev/api/people/?search=Leia, Leia is encoded.

However, if a query parameter contains a character that is already encoded, the Encode before sending option is disabled. For example, if the parameter value is Leia%20Organa, the encoding is disabled, since Talend Cloud API Tester detects that the parameter is encoded.

Note: If a query parameter contains an encoded character, the encoding option is always disabled by default, even if it also contains characters that need encoding. In Beru%20Whitesun lars for example, an encoding is detected and the Encode before sending option is disabled by default, even though it contains a space.

You may encounter issues with this feature when + signs are used in query parameters, for more information, see Encoding issues with plus signs.