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Import collections of requests from Postman, HAR 1.2 and your Talend Cloud API Tester repository.


You can import Postman collections (V2.0) into Talend Cloud API Tester so that users of Postman can try Talend Cloud API Tester with the data they are familiar with.

Postman item Corresponding Talend Cloud API Tester item Comments
root folder root project Single project, named after the root folder in the collection. A suffix is added in order to prevent name conflicts.
sub folders services As POSTman supports infinite folder depth, unlike Talend Cloud API Tester, subfolders are flattened.
requests requests Environment variables are imported too (the environment holds the name of the project), but they are valuated. When possible, some assertions are generated too after parsing the Postman scripts.

HAR 1.2

HAR is a JSON-based format able to describe HTTP requests and responses. Major Web browsers can export all interactions in this format. Requests are imported into a root scenario, whose name is the date of the import in ISO 8601 format. The main reason to use a scenario, and not a project as the other kind of import, is that a HAR log is an ordered sequence of HTTP requests and responses, as in Talend Cloud API Tester.

Talend Cloud API Tester repository

You can export your own local repository into a JSON-based format file. Then import it into Talend Cloud API Tester again. The imported entities are exactly the same as the ones exported.

When importing a Talend Cloud API Tester repository, any projects with the same name as projects in your repository will be overwritten.