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Conflicts occurs when multiple customers are updating the same entity in the same time, while Talend Cloud API Tester can resolve some conflicts automatically, others need to be resolved manually.

Talend Cloud API Tester allows several users to work on the same project at the same time. While working on an entity, a message next to the SCENARIOS tab indicates when the last edit on this entity was made.

You can also get notifications when other users make changes.

If you and another user edit the same entity at the same time, a conflict occurs. If the conflict cannot be resolved automatically by Talend Cloud API Tester, the Edition conflict detected window appears and allows you to resolve it manually. You can choose to keep your version by clicking Push my version, or the version modified by the other user by clicking Keep the cloud version.

Warning: Talend Cloud API Tester supports offline work. However, when working offline, you should avoid working on entities that might be edited by other users. This might cause many conflicts that you will need to resolve manually when you come back online.