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The response payload is the data received. In order to ease readability, payloads can be displayed as they are (raw mode) or hex-encoded (hex mode). Some payloads can be also formatted using syntax coloration and other options (pretty mode) or in a preview mode:

  • raw displays the bytes of the payloads. It may produce unwanted effects when applied on "binary" payloads.
  • hex displays each byte of the payload in their hexadecimal representation.
  • preview fits very well with images, HTML payloads, etc. The browser is asked to render the payload according to its media type. Binary files are not rendered.
  • pretty supports various options such as syntax coloration. They are specified in the table below.

The raw and hex modes are available for all kinds of payloads. The preview mode is available for the HTML payloads, images and Binary. In the latter case, it simply displays a message saying that binary files cannot be previewed.

Here are the options available in the pretty mode:

Payload type Syntax coloration Line numbers Expand/collapse nodes Clickable URLs
XML yes yes yes yes
JSON yes yes yes yes
HTML yes no no yes

In API Tester Settings > APPEARANCE, you can configure response view options for each content type.

You can see the elapsed time of the request in the top right and the length of the body in the bottom right of the Response section.