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You must assign the Execute permission to the user on the appropriate workspace.

Before you begin

  • You must have Environment Administrator role in Talend Cloud Management Console.

About this task

You can access the Management Console API via You'll find a list of the URLs corresponding to each data center in Talend Cloud regions and URLs.

To grant access to a Remote Engine Gen2 that is allocated to a workspace, the Talend Cloud Data Preparation users need to be assigned the Execute or Use engines permission on the workspace in question. Talend Cloud Data Stewardship users need to be assigned the Execute permission.


  1. Use the GET /orchestration/workspaces endpoint to retrieve the ID of the workspace you are setting the permissions for.
    You can narrow the search to a single environment by using the{environmentName} query parameter.


  2. Use the GET /account/users endpoint to retrieve the ID of the user you want to set the permissions for.


  3. Use the POST /security/workspaces/{workspaceId}/users/{userId}/permissions endpoint and add the Execute permission in body of the request.


    Note: When a user account has the TMC_ENGINE_USE user permission, this account can be granted the EXECUTE and the VIEW workspace permissions only. This combination allows users that do not have the Operator role to use Remote Engines to run tasks without having to consume a seat.
  4. Use the GET /security/workspaces/{workspaceId}/users/{userId}/permissions endpoint to validate the update.


    The response body should contain the workspace ID, and all assigned permissions.
    "workspaceId": "7a35e78eaea645620e47f826",
    "userId": "d13404b5-e9nc-4g5f-9904-a5f0dc287fb0",