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Use the POST method on the /api-definitions endpoint to import an API definition to Talend Cloud API Designer.

Before you begin

You have generated a Personal Access Token. For further information, see Generating a Personal Access Token.


  1. Open Talend Cloud API Tester and create a new request.
  2. In the METHOD drop-down list, select POST.
  3. Enter the following URI with the correct region parameter:
    The region can be:
    • us-west
    • us
    • eu
    • ap
    • au

    For more information, see Talend Cloud regions and URLs.

  4. Optional: Expand QUERY PARAMETERS and click Add query parameters.
    The following parameters are available:
    Parameter Description
    format Format of the API definition that you are importing. The value can be:
    • OpenApi3 (default value)
    • Swagger20
    • Swagger12
    • Raml10
    • Raml08
    failOnWarnings Specify if you want to stop the process at the first warning on the model transformation. The value can be true or false. The default value is false.
    mainFile If you are importing an API definition with multiple files in a ZIP file, enter the name of the main definition file.
  5. Click the Add header button and enter Authorization in the name field and Bearer followed by a space and your token in the value field.
    Tip: In Talend Cloud API Tester, you can add your token as a private environment variable and reference it in your requests using the expression builder. For more information, see Using environments.
  6. Optional: Edit the Content-Type header.
    By default Talend Cloud API Tester adds a Content-Type header with the value application/json to POST requests. If you want to import your definition as a YAML or ZIP file, change this value to application/x-yaml or application/zip.
  7. Add your API definition:
    • Enter the definition in the BODY text box.
    • Click the Text drop-down list above the request body and select File, then browse to the file or drag and drop it.
  8. Once your request is configured, click Send.


The API definition is created in Talend Cloud API Designer. The response returned contains its ID and other metadata such as the creator ID and creation date.