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For this use case, you want to get all available Remote Engines with Talend Cloud Management Console REST API. You are using Talend Cloud API Tester.

Note: Make sure you have the appropriate rights set in Talend Cloud Management Console to perform the tasks you want.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that Talend Cloud API Tester Chrome extension is installed on your browser.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate rights to access Remote Engines.
    • For users, assign the pre-defined Infrastructure Administrator role or grant the TMC_CLUSTER_MANAGEMENT permission.
    • For service accounts, grant the TMC_CLUSTER_MANAGEMENT permission.
  • Generate access tokens:

About this task

In this section, the following API call is issued:
method: GET
endpoint: https://api.<env>
headers: {
 "Content-Type": "application/json",
 "Authorization": "Bearer <access_token>"
Your environment could be:
  • eu
  • us
  • us-west
  • ap
  • au

It is implemented in Talend API Tester for demonstration purposes.


  1. Open Talend Cloud API Tester.
  2. Select the GET method and add the endpoint to be used.
    Note: If you want to manually add a query parameter in the URL, the character ? separates the API endpoint from the first query parameter and the character & then separates each query parameter.
  3. Click Add header.
  4. Enter Authorization and Bearer <access token> in the fields that are displayed.
  5. Click Send.


The response 200 informs you that the request was successful. You can now see the list of all available Remote Engines.