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Talend Cloud Data Catalog Administration Guide

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The following table shows you the actions that can be performed with each capability.
Capability Type Action
Security Administration Producer
  • Manage users and groups
  • Manage user and group preferences
  • Manage external authentication
  • Assign global and object roles
Application Administration Producer
  • Manage operations
  • Manage system log
  • View configuration or lineage statistics
  • Manage scheduled operations
  • Manage harvesting servers
  • Manage email notifications
  • Manage metamodels
  • Manage sensitivity labels
  • Manage data classes
  • Manage default worksheets, dashboards and presentations
  • Manage license and system
  • Manage the contents from the Repository Manager and Configuration Manager (such as the import setup and options)
Dashboards Customization Consumer
  • Customize the presentation of an object details page using personal dashboards
  • Create, edit and share your personal dashboards
Worksheets Customization Consumer
  • Customize a tab in an object details page using personal worksheets
  • Create, edit and share your personal worksheets
Collections Customization Consumer Create, edit and share your personal collections
REST API Access Producer Use the REST API features

These capabilities may vary depending on the user or group preferences and the assigned roles.