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The metamodel is divided into packages. These packages help you to manage collections of metamodel types together as a single package.

These packages also help you to import and export subsets of the metamodel.

You develop and manage your packages from the Manage Metamodel page.

  • By default, Talend Cloud Data Catalog works with the Default package.

    All created attribute, object or model types are assigned to the Default package.

  • Talend Cloud Data Catalog also provides a Standard package. It contains types that cannot be renamed, removed from the standard parent or deleted from the metamodel.

    You can extend standard types by adding new attributes and objects to them.

  • Talend Cloud Data Catalog provides an extension package named Glossary Extension (MM). It contains deprecated attribute and relationship types from the earlier glossary version when you need to upgrade to the current version and retain these types.
  • You can install third-party metamodel extension packages. You can publish a package as a metamodel extension and share it by exporting the package from one repository to import it into another one.

    You can remove a third-party extension package only if you have not started creating instances of its types.

    You should not rename third-party extension packages.