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The integrated Metadata Harvesting solution allows you to harvest metadata from third-party databases, data modeling, data integration or business intelligence tools.

By default, the installer software deploys and configures both Talend Data Catalog and the Metadata Harvesting solution on the same machine, where Talend Data Catalog application server accesses the Metadata Harvesting web services locally.

You can also install and configure the Metadata Harvesting solution as a remote harvesting server on another machine.

Install a remote harvesting server on premises when you need to harvest metadata not accessible from Talend Cloud Data Catalog or to use a bridge not available in the embedded harvesting server. These bridges are identified with a note indicating that they are not available in Talend Cloud Data Catalog by default in Talend Cloud Data Catalog Bridges on Talend Help Center.

Installing a remote harvesting server means installing Talend Cloud Data Catalog on an application server, except that no license is required and the web-based user interface is not available.

Note: After a Talend Cloud Data Catalog migration, you must reinstall new remote harvesting servers based on the new version. For more information on the post upgrade actions, see After upgrading Talend Data Catalog.
To harvest metadata using a remote harvesting server, you need to:
  • install and configure the remote harvesting server

    You can deploy the remote harvesting server using Docker or configure it manually.

  • add the remote harvesting server to the list of servers in Talend Cloud Data Catalog