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This architecture diagram identifies the functional blocks of Talend Cloud Data Catalog, and the interactions among them.

This diagram is divided into two main parts: the local network and the cloud infrastructure.

Local network

The local network includes a web browser, a REST API and remote metadata harvesting servers.
  • From the web browser, you can access Talend Cloud Data Catalog.
  • From a REST API client, you can access Talend Cloud Data Catalog's REST APIs.
  • From the metadata harvesting servers installed on a remote machine, you can import from or export to metadata source technology using bridges.

Cloud infrastructure

The cloud infrastructure includes Talend Cloud Data Catalog, that relies on the database for metadata storage and an embedded harvesting server for metadata import and export.

  • Talend Cloud Data Catalog helps you to create and manage a central, governed catalog of your enterprise data that can be shared and collaborated on easily.
  • The metadata harvesting server is used to import from or export to metadata source technology using bridges, for sources accessible by Talend Cloud Data Catalog from a network perspective.
  • The database is used to store and retrieve metadata.