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Talend Cloud Data Catalog Getting Started Guide

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One of the solutions Talend Cloud Data Catalog provides is to automatically profile, classify and document the metadata to cut the time spent for finding data.

By opening the project in the Architecture diagram view, you can see the following data sources:
  • ACME integration Job

    The Talend Data Integration Job processes the purchase orders coming from the reseller Website. The result of this process is then inserted into the ACME customer hub database.

  • ACME customer hub

    The MySQL database contains the reference tables and the processed purchase orders. Data from this model is used in a BI report.

  • BI reports

    The Tableau report contains ACME sporting analytics.

The arrows represent the dependencies between the models and the data movement in your information system.
In this use case, you need to:
  • Enrich the metadata.
  • Identify and protect sensitive data.
  • Find and use data assets in the catalog.