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Release Notes

Platform support

Feature Description
Internet Explorer 11 Internet Explorer 11 support is deprecated.

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Multi-model databases: improved the display in the stitching report The display of objects in the stitching report has been improved for the multi-model databases.
REST-API: added documentation about case sensitivity MQL is case-insensitive except for attribute names used in the SELECT list or WHERE clause, and other filter values in the WHERE clause. For more information, see the Case sensitivity section in the MQL documentation.
Data store type: new attributes to improve the reporting on all data store objects Any data store root object such as a database now has two new attributes:
  • Type such as SQL Server Database
  • Version such as 11.00.3128
These attributes replace the default version with the concrete version string and require a new import of the model to be visible.
Semantic mapping: improved the semantic stitching capability when using the semantic mapping tab The comparison of models has been improved with the UI cache of models when the cache is refreshed.
LDAP authentication: login get NULL POINTER error due to timeout A Timeout parameter has been added in the LDAP configuration window.
Data mapping: improved Metadata Excel Format import when the remote harvesting agent is the default server The Excel file has been uploaded to the remote harvesting agent, if necessary.
Semantic mapping: new automatic detection capability of child semantic links (schema/table/column) by matching physical name A new automatic detection dialog has been added when dropping an object on another one if both are schemas or classifiers.

A multi-selection command has been added in the Mapping editor and Report tabs to remove multiple mappings at once.

Audit log: new audit events New audit events has been added:
  • create/delete/edit semantic type/collection/worksheet/dashboard,
  • add/remove label/semantic type to/from objects,
  • add/remove/edit certification/endorsement/warning/comment on objects.
UI internationalization The translation of the Talend Cloud Data Catalog UI has been improved in French and Japanese.
REST API: new function to update and build configuration A new REST API function PUT /operations/updateAndBuildConfiguration has been added to allow you to update and build a selected configuration.
SAML authentication: new option Signature Element A new option Signature Element has been added in the SAML server configuration window, with the following possible values: Response, Assertion, Both and Neither. This option indicates if the SAML response and assertion have to be digitally signed or not by the identity provider. The digital signature allows to verify the authenticity and integrity of the assertion.
Import and export bridges: improved bridge selection list with new display mode and search bar The selection list of bridges for model import or export has been improved.
  • You can display the bridges by tool vendor or category in the list by using the new GROUP BY option.
  • You can filter the bridge list by using the new search bar.
Worksheets: improved the content filter to show sub models The content filter option now allows you to select a sub model from a multi model when using the search or worksheet capability.
Semantic Mapping: Unable to open semantic mapping: Object (0,0) is not a repository object The attachment back end now supports older models that do not have the hash sign.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Glossary workflow: ReferenceError: entityDetails is not defined Fixed the exception. Fixed a bug in the Browse Statistics page.
Glossary: Stewards column is empty downloading worksheets as CSV Fixed the empty Stewards column when downloading worksheets as CSV.
MQL query: #Parent# or #Children# profile attributes are set to null by default if the parent or child has a different profile than the current object in the result set Fixed the issue. The #Parent# or #Children# profile attributes are no longer set to null if the parent or child has a different profile than the current object in the result set.
Retain maximum versions schedule operation: scheduler is not working as expected when you click Run selected operation The Run selected operation option now uses the Days and Last modification time operation parameters.
Configuration: adding a child model should not be allowed if the parent multi-model already exists in the configuration Talend Cloud Data Catalog now prevents mixed multi-model and child model from being added into the same configuration. It also supports updating or replacing the version of a child (cherry-picked) model.
History tab: added information about Propagate documentation Only call the back end to change a property when it really changed in the overview settings tab of a content.
Bridge import and export: changed background color of Help panel when scrolling Fixed styling issue when scrolling the Help panel in the import and export setup.
Repository backup: browse directory fails with HTTP 405 When browsing for the backup or restore directory, you now see the Talend Cloud Data Catalog server file system instead of the default bridge server one.
User profile: the old name of an object displays after renaming on Activity Stream The old name of a collection, worksheet, dashboard or semantic type is no longer displayed in the user activity stream after the object is renamed.
Configuration: Open item action does not work for connection in the architecture diagram Removed the Open action from context menu on the architecture diagram connections.
Stewardship: deleting steward users caused ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "pk_stewards" Fixed the replace steward database query.
Manage Users: search filter text field is empty by default Fixed regression with Chrome autofill.
Manage Worksheets: Combo box for Owner on Shared with Me tab show extra line on IE Fixed styling issue on IE.
UI issue with enumeration parameters Fixed enumeration parameter's value showing.
Object browser: Cannot read property 'remoteTotal' of null Improved performance for the object explorer and the worksheets.
Tomcat server: SSL Certificate / PBE parameter parsing error: expecting the object identifier for AES cipher Added more meaningful error messages.
Social curation: multiple certifications on the same object Only one certification can be added per object.

Worksheet filter: improved search results when using keywords

In the attribute filter:
  • Increased the limit to 100 values for enumerated values
  • Fixed search for enumerated values
  • Changed sorting order to show values with the most row first. When multiple values have the same row count, they are sorted alphabetically.
Diagrams: action button is disabled Fixed disabled action button in diagrams.
Manage Servers: sort capability is not enabled for all columns The sort capability is now enabled on all columns.
Manage Servers: description is not saved The value in the Description field is now saved.