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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description

Denodo Virtual DataPort: support for lineage between two Denodo VDBs with dependencies

The lineage between two VDBs where one references another is now supported.
Bridge Help panel: harmonization and cleanup The content in the Help panel in the bridge import setup has been reorganized and updated.
Apache Hadoop Hive Database (HCatalog and Metastore via JDBC): incremental harvesting detection and optimization The change detection for incremental harvesting has been improved with:
  • New database version statistics messages.
  • New miscellaneous option called -tblproperties.skip. You cannot import skip table properties that are independent of the structural metadata of the table, such as CreationTime, SerDe Library, or numRows that change when data changes. Skipping volatile table properties like operational metadata will prevent over-detection of changes and provide more efficient incremental harvesting.
Import bridges: new miscellaneous option to control the root name in single and multi-models The -model.name miscellaneous option allows you to change the model name in single and multi-models.
SAP Data Services (BODI/BODS): improved Driver location bridge parameter With the Browse button, you can browse the file system to choose driver file for the Driver location parameter.
Repository export: missing jakarta.json-1.1.6.jar JSON-P has been replaced with JSON.simple in the repository bridge.
C++ based bridges: improved the loading of their yaml files The C++ bridges can now properly load their translation from the yaml files in the literals folder.
Microsoft Azure Data Factory - technical preview: improved import of pipelines from folder structure Profile fixes have been added to import pipelines from the folder structure.
Snowflake Database (via JDBC): import of comments on schema The comments on a schema are now imported and visible in the Comment area of the schema details page.
SAP PowerDesigner PDM: support for version 16.6 SP10 The 16.6 SP10 version is now supported.
Erwin Data Modeler: support for model including multiple databases of different type The ERwin profile can show physical objects including initial support of DB2 Database, Storage Group, Oracle Database, SQL Server Database and File Group.
Oracle Data Modeler (ODM) 4.x: support for version 19.x The ODM 19.4 is now supported.
IDERA ER/Studio Data Architect export bridge: support for ODM logical models The bridge has been improved to export logical models of ODM.
Tableau (File): support for Denodo datastore type The bridge now supports the Denodo datastore type.
Google BigQuery Database: support for REPEAT columns with RECORD data type The import bridge now supports columns with RECORD class type.

IDERA ER/Studio Data Architect export bridge now supports columns with RECORD class type.

The LIMIT clause has been fixed in the expression analyzer.

Salesforce (SFDC) Database: improved object import Code has been added to work around compact layouts without fields.
Oracle Database (via JDBC): support for pluggable databases The bridge now supports pluggable databases and uses the first database name if multiple pluggable databases are configured for the instance.
Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2: improved tooltip of partition directories parameter Multiple roots processing issues have been fixed.
SAS Data Integration: improved stitching between File and SAS DI models An extension for classifier has been added in the File connection to improve the stitching between File and SAS DI models.
Tableau Server (Repository): returned HTTP response code: 504 for URL Duplicate paths have been resolved in the profiles.
Expression parser for import bridges: support for syntax '/*+APPEND PARALLEL(2)*/ INTO FT_T_WISL NOLOGGING' DIRECT-PATH INSERT with NOLOGGING is now supported.
Databricks Unified Data Services (via Apache Spark): support for Databricks Scala scripts The bridge now supports Databricks Scala scripts.
Snowflake Database (via JDBC): improved lineage between tables and views The bridge type is now catalog based.
Snowflake Database (via JDBC): support for dollar sign for identifiers The expression parser has been improved to allow dollar sign for the identifiers.
Looker Server - technical preview: improved support for LookML models An expression parser has been added to improve the import of LookML models.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
SAP Data Services: defined password is not being retained Fixed the "Password " typo.
Informatica PowerCenter export: mappings are not imported in Metadata Excel Format Used physical names as a key for ETL feature bindings.
Talend Data Integration: Illegal Argument: Cannot add null SourceFeature to FeatureMap Fixed when the activity link is created when the source does not expose any source feature.
Microsoft SQL Server Database (via JDBC): existence of one offline or restricted database causes another database to not be harvested Filtered databases under restoring, recovering, copying, offline and others that are not ready for metadata loading.

Added database names validation code.

QlikSense Server: unable to resolve references to QVS files given in log folder Fixed infinite loop while bridge resolving includes.
Snowflake Database (via JDBC): no metadata to browse Fixed schema empty (null) description processing.
SAP Business Warehouse 4 HANA (BW/4HANA): import fails with index out of bounds Fixed for java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException.
SAP Business Warehouse 4 HANA (BW/4HANA): composite providers / already contains a Feature with this Name Fixed to handle duplicate InfoObject columns used in Composite Providers. Added removeModel for SourceSystem models.
Oracle Database (via JDBC): Oracle 10g / failed with invalid identifier Improved metadata queries to support Oracle 10g R2.
AWS Aurora / PostgreSQL Database (via JDBC): data profiling and data sampling
Added two bridge/aliases for AWS Aurora:
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Aurora / MySQL Database (via JDBC)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Aurora / PostgreSQL Database (via JDBC)

Fixed data profiling and data sampling.

IBM Netezza Database (via JDBC): support for version 7.2.x to allow multiple schema/owners Added support for the new Netezza version 7.2.x which now allows for multiple schema/owners.
Java import bridges: fixed case-insensitive lookups on recent improvement in repository SDK collections Fixed an issue related to case-insensitive lookups in the repository SDK collections.
Teradata database (via JDBC): added errors & warnings in logs Added new warnings and updated bridge tooltip. Added 100 failed views limitation.
QlikView: issue when harvesting database connections from a QlikView dashboard Added backup functionality.
SAS Data Integration: NullPointerException with several SAS SPK packages Added support for a variable which source is from output classifier.
Oracle Database (via JDBC): improved metadata extraction performance Improved the performance of SDK collections with a large number of objects.
Teradata Database (via JDBC): Teradata view column position attribute is showing as "0" for every column Fixed feature position loading.
MicroStrategy 7.0 to 11.x/2020: Cannot get Attribute.Caused by: MITI.MIRException Added cleanup for MicroStrategy resources after each project import.
MicroStrategy 7.0 to 11.x/2020: MITI.MIRException: java.lang.NullPointerException Fixed import for projects without primary and default database instances.
Teradata Database (via JDBC): data type of view column identified as "undefined" when derived from "blank" data type table column Implemented new data types of database view column.
Google BigQuery Database: data sampling and profiling Fixed data profiling and sampling table filter.
Cloudera Hadoop Hive Database SQL DML: Error ' EXPLIB_W0001 Expression syntax not recognized (or not supported)' Improved INSERT OVERWRITE.
SAP HANA Database (via JDBC): the synonym is not imported Fixed calculation view XML parser when table function is the data source of calculation view.
Talend Data Integration: expression parsing errors when importing Job item Added support for context.getProperty("propertyName").
Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2: import of the whole container even when the root path points to an internal folder Added code to validate the root directory parameter value for run and test actions.
AWS Redshift Database (via JDBC): columns are not extracted Improved exception handling in the features loading process.
SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool (IDT) (File): UNX is not extracted Added support for a new database type. The bridge now detects and skips invalid alias tables.
Bridges: lineage overview is not available for stored procedures or functions Fixed lineage overview for stored procedures and functions.
SAS DI import / IBM InfoSphere Open IGC - Vendor Internal Bridge export: Unable to generate logs using -igcnr option in the Miscellaneous bridge parameter Removed documentation of -igcnr option and renamed the -igcod option to -backup.
Tableau: multiple Tableau issues Improved Tableau profile to better support relationships between custom queries.

Resolved story objects that depend upon dashboards.

Denodo Virtual DataPort: NPE + Syntax error: Exception parsing query near '-' Fixed NPE if the view type is unknown.
Apache Hadoop Hive Database SQL DML (DI/ETL) Script (HiveQL): parsing fails with "unexpected CONST_INTEGER_TOKEN" error for concat() function Added support for column name "date".
Informatica PowerCenter (Repository): PC Parameter replacement failing Used the value of the longest matching variable for missing parameters.

Removed some debug logging.

Snowflake Database (via JDBC): Cannot add null RightExpressionNode to OperatorNode Added partial support for table functions.

Improved exception technique in the expression analyzer.

Microsoft SSIS: source table is not shown in lineage when connection is made via “Microsoft Oracle Source Component by Attunity” Added support for Oracle Reader component.
File System / Excel: not all fields are imported Fixed hidden rows processing.
Talend Data Integration / Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2: connection string for stitching Fixed ADLSgen2 connection string.
Bridge UI: allow user to select repository connection log text Enabled text selection in Repository Browse log dialog.
SAP Business Warehouse 4 HANA (BW/4HANA): Already contains a ClientOfConnection with this Object Improved the separation of source and destination connection if they connect to the same object.
MicroStrategy 7.0 to 11.x / 2020: java.lang.NullPointerException after XMIs extraction Fixed naming of MIRConnection.
Looker Server - technical preview: cannot stitch to Google BigQuery because no object connection Improved the bridge and added support for Google BigQuery.
Teradata Database SQL DML Script / BTEQ: script is ignored if it contains 'volatile' keyword Fixed expression analyzer.