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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
SAS Base SAS Code: no data flow for the report script SAS code parsing issues has been fixed.
Database DDL export: new support for MySQL Oracle MySQL Database SQL DDL Script export bridge has been added.
Bridge Help panel: harmonization and cleanup The content in the Help panel in the bridge import setup has been reorganized and updated.
Metadata Excel Format import: column physical name found in search results but cannot be displayed When the Metadata Excel Format file does not contain any data mappings or data modeling packages, the metadata is imported as a physical data store such as Oracle Database. The related metamodel does not contain and ignores any business names and business descriptions.

For RDBMS, any SQL comments which can be used to document tables or columns in the DDL are imported in a Comment field. This Comment field is not related to the Comments field used for the user comments or feedback.

Talend Data Integration Spark Job: new support for tAzureFSConfiguration with ADLS Gen2 configuration Talend Data Integration bridge now supports the tAzureFSConfiguration component for an ADLS Gen2 configuration.
Talend Data Integration: new support for tDeltaLakeInput/Output components Talend Data Integration bridge now supports the tDeltaLakeInput and tDeltaLakeOutput components.
Talend Data Integration: improved tSAPTableInput connection The SAP Table input transformation has been improved.
SAP Data Services (BODI/BODS): The Model is not consistent: StoreModel cannot contain a FileDirectory The Miscellaneous parameter -backup <directory>has been added and the methods of store type detection have been improved.
Microsoft Azure Data Factory: new support for SAP ECC and DB2 The support for SAP ECC and DB2 has been added to show connection configuration.
Apache Hadoop Hive Database (HCatalog and Metastore via JDBC): improved data sampling at table level The bridge imports only the table selected for data sampling.
Microsoft Azure Power BI Service (Repository): SSO authentication with error: java.lang.Exception: Server returned error in RSTR The support for the Cube.Transform Power Query M function has been improved.
Apache Hadoop Hive Database (HCatalog and Metastore via JDBC): improved error message The "Failed executing query: SHOW..." error message has been improved to show the proper amount of imported objects.
SAP Business Suite 4 HANA (S/4HANA), ECC, R/3 ERP: new miscellaneous parameter to change the default function module name The new miscellaneous parameter -function has been added to change the default value of the function module name used by the bridge.
Tableau Server (Repository): unsupported miscellaneous option for proxy The warning message about unsupported miscellaneous options has been disabled.
Apache Atlas: repository subset The -entities.limit Atlas option has been set to unlimited by default or limited by the server configurations. The bridge documentation has been updated.

Oracle Database (via JDBC): new support for procedure arguments for versions prior to Oracle 10gR2

The support for procedure arguments has been added for versions prior to Oracle 10gR2.
MicroStrategy: identify and remove unused connections The capability to remove unused warehouse/logical tables has been added.
Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2: browse of ADSL structure produces blank window in ER/Studio but works for the metadata harvesting agent The following conf option has been added to avoid the HADOOP.DLL loading: AZURE_SKIP_USER_GROUP_METADATA_DURING_INITIALIZATION = true.
Bridge Help panel: harmonization and cleanup The content in the Help panel in the bridge import setup has been reorganized and updated.
Oracle Database (via JDBC): support for pluggable databases The bridge now supports pluggable databases and uses the first database name if multiple pluggable databases are configured for the instance.
Microsoft Power BI Report Server (Repository): the model is not consistent The support for Sql.Database() has been improved.
Microsoft Power BI Service (Repository): the model is not consistent Dashboard ID unicity and tiles empty name have been improved.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) RedShift Database (via JDBC): improved lineage for views The expression parsing error has been improved by adding syntactical unit "IGNORE NULLS".
Microsoft Power BI Report Server (Repository): support for paginated reports The initial support for PaginatedReports (RDL) has been added.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
File System (Delimited file): updated .txt file not importing the missing fields Changed the -clear.cache parameter to -cache.clear.
Tableau: union field object is not properly displayed Improved the support for unions.
SAP Business Suite 4 HANA (S/4HANA), ECC, R/3 ERP: all objects are not imported in the instance Improved the browsing/importing packages and the setting of object nativeID, added the support for IndexMember.sortOrder and prevented the skipping of FunctionModules when the parent FunctionGroup is missing.
Metadata Excel Format: add-in reports run-time error '1004': Method 'StatusBar' of object '_Application' failed Fixed an issue when an Excel model is opened in Protected View mode.

Tableau: dashboard UIIDs are incorrect for customer dataset

It is recommended to use the REST API to query view IDs since the source xml is not sufficient.
Talend Data Integration: Microsoft ADLS Gen2 connection string for stitching Fixed the ADLSgen2 connection string.
Database (via JDBC) for SQLite database: fails with 'There already exists a COLUMN with the name .. in the parent TABLE ..' Added the default schema name.
Oracle Database (via JDBC): fails with multiple IllegalArgumentExceptions Fixed Oracle schema query.
Talend Data Integration: error while browsing Fixed the browse function when the project directory is incorrect.
Microsoft SSIS: column names not extracted with Select * Fixed SELECT * for defined classifier.
Microsoft SSAS and PowerBI (File): column propagation by default and support for SSAS Tabular models at level 1500 The Microsoft SSAS bridge now supports the compatibility level 1500 and datasource lookup by name.

The miscellaneous option -columns.notpropagated has been implemented and the old option -pc has been removed for the Microsoft SSAS and Power BI (File) bridges. The propagation of columns is now by default.

Oracle Database (via JDBC): failed with invalid identifier Improved metadata queries to support Oracle 10gR2.
SAP Business Suite 4 HANA (S/4HANA), ECC, R/3 ERP: encoding issue with special characters The backup files are written in UTF8 encoding.
Qlik Sense and QlikView: standardization and backward compatibility for miscellaneous parameters The Qlik Sense and QlikView options of the Miscellaneous parameter were not compliant with the Miscellaneous option standard. It is prevented some UI automation to manage these parameters.

The options have been renamed and keep the backward compatibility:

  • -database.type <ODBC connection database type> (previously DatabaseType=Oracle)
  • -directory <statement> (previously DIRECTORY <statement>)
  • -file.path <file directory> (previously FILEPATH <file directory>)
  • -log.notavailable (previously RequireLog=no)
Microsoft Azure Data Factory: pipeline generates error MBI_ADF_F0006 Fixed the error by adding support for DB2 tables.
Microsoft Azure Data Factory: missing connection for REST and other sources supported by ADF source configuration Added RestSource support.
Microsoft Power BI (File): failed with NullPointerException Improved the support for MSDASQL provider.

Informatica PowerCenter (File) and File System: no stitching between models

Fixed positions for the position based files.
Microsoft Azure Data Factory: missing connection for Big Data, Parquet and other sources supported by ADF source configuration Added support for GoogleBigQuerySource and fixed copy action and aggregation step condition.
Tableau: repository objects show IDs for projects where workbooks have proper names Improved the project identifiers for the Repository Objects parameter.
Microsoft SSIS: cannot see object child package Added the execute package task to handle referenced packages.
Google BigQuery Database: missing type and version missing for system attributes Added 'Type' and 'Version' attributes.
Microsoft SSIS import and IBM IGC export (Open IGC): incomplete lineage with SSIS import Added support for locale.
Microsoft Azure Power BI: error java.lang.NullPointerException: while trying to invoke the method MITI.sdk.MIRStoreContent.getName() Improved the import of data sources and gateways and implemented backup mechanism.
Denodo Data Virtualization: generates missing icons in the log Fixed missing icons in the log.
Oracle MySQL Database (via JDBC): length attribute not showing for some data types Resolved the precision for the character and date/time data types for all MySQL versions started from 5.6.x.
QlikView: issue when harvesting from Qlikview dashboard with more than one DB connection Added backup functionality for Qlikview.
Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2: error MBCM_E0052: Unable to reach http://repository.mapr.com/nexus/content/groups/mapr-public/releases/. Please make sure that access to the internet is available. Fixed the "no internet connection" message.
Talend Data Integration / Microsoft Data Lake Storage: stitching issue Fixed the handling of the best match when finding a folder instead of a file.
SAP Business Warehouse 4 HANA (BW/4HANA): Cannot add null DestinationFeature to SummaryMap Improved error handling for UpdateRule mappings.
Bridge miscellaneous parameter editing: cannot add options Fixed the Miscellaneous dialog bug.
Model import: repository browsing generates Error 'IllegalStateException' Fixed the error of the repository browsing.
Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Enterprise Edition (Server): java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range Improved the preprocessing of VALUEOF() parameters used in SQL expressions.
Microsoft SSIS: the data flow is incorrect Handled source error output if it is connected to a next transformation.
Teradata Database (via JDBC): length attribute is showing as '0' for every column in the provision_user_sandbox_log_vw(view) Fixed the character data types processing.
SAS Data Integration: error NullPointerException with several SAS SPK packages Added support for a variable which source is from output classifier.
Oracle Database (via JDBC): fails with multiple IllegalArgumentExceptions Fixed the Oracle schema query.