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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Data Mapping: support for concurrent development Locking on query mappings and bulk mappings has been added to support concurrent data mapping development.
UI internationalization The translation of the Talend Cloud Data Catalog UI has been improved in French and Japanese.
Data profiling and sampling: added the ability to remove profiling and sampling data at each level of the repository The new REST API function DELETE/entities/DataProfiling/{objectId} has been added to allow you to delete sampling and/or profiling data on an object and its children recursively.
Glossary with a workflow: added the move a term to a different category operation The "Move to a different category" operation now works for terms in a glossary under workflow.

The publishing term process has been improved for the glossaries under workflow and with the "Publish on Approval" option enabled.

The problem when a term may appear in more than one category in the published version of a glossary has been fixed

Profile of the SAP HANA Database (via JDBC) bridge: filter by object types in a worksheet You can now filter on the following object types in a worksheet:
  • Calculation Views object type added to the Tables sub-category
  • Attribute, Measure, Calculated Attribute, Calculated Measure object types added to the Columns sub-category
Import of data mapping from Excel: updated documentation to reflect proper uses of the Excel import and data mappings The stitching process has been improved for the Excel internal connections.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Security vulnerability: DOM-based cross-site scripting (XSS) Fixed XSS issue.
Data mapping: incorrect number of mapped columns Added the check of child columns for the links.
LDAP authentication: user enumeration vulnerability in an error message Hid the details of the login problem and replaced with Invalid Username or Password in the error message. For more information, see the system log.
Repository backup and restore: restore invalid backups Fixed the issue to not allow the restore of invalid backups if some models are missing.
Overview tab of details page: Error Dialog: An Unhandled Javascript exception has occurred Fixed the exception that occurs when the loading of the list of collections finishes after closing the context menu of a selection of objects in worksheets.
Repository content: version without an associated model generates "unhandled Javascript exception" Improved the UI to not crash when a version of a content has no associated model. The model tab will not be shown.
Glossary: workflow actions column is missing in worksheets The Workflow Actions column is now available again.
Model diagram: layout function does not work properly with subtype/supertype Fixed the layout related to the generalization relationships.
MQL: improved the performance of count function Improved the performance of the MQL count function.
Stitching error in a configuration: schema mapping fails with "unhandled JavaScript exception" Fixed an unhandled JavaScript exception raised when clicking on a database schema.
Export of data profiling to a CSV file: unexpected statistics column content Fixed the worksheet statistics column when downloading as a CSV file.