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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Athena Database (via JDBC): new import bridge Amazon Web Services (AWS) Athena Database (via JDBC) import bridge has been added.
Talend Data Integration: support for hierarchical metadata sample models The hierarchical processor has been used for the XML components including tFileInputXml, tExtractXMLField, tWriteXMLField, tXMLMap and tFileOutputXML. The tFileInputRaw and tFileOutputRaw have been fixed in the profile.

The hierarchical processor has been used for the JSON components including tFileInputJSON, tExtractJSONField, tWriteJSONField and tFileOutputJSON.

IBM DB2 iSeries (AS/400) Database (via JDBC): improved data profiling and sampling The parser of the query template for data samples has been improved and the code has been refactored to support the query template approach.
Apache Spark (with Python or Scala): no lineage from Teradata tables to GCP files implementing external Hadoop Hive tables on Google Cloud Platform The support for the Map classes has been added. The support for the DataFrameReader class using the options method has been improved to define the attributes of the data store connectivity.
Bridge miscellaneous parameter: replaced -c and -cd with -connection.cast, .rename, .merge, .split The connection.cast, .merge, .map, .split and .rename options have been added.
Miscellaneous parameter: multiple instances of the same option instead of an option with a list of values The MiscParam helper class has been improved to work with multi key parameters.
QlikSense: Expression Syntax not recognized The expression parsing has been improved.
SAP BusinessObjects import bridges: license session issue The error handling for the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence import bridge has been improved. The session cleanup for the SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool import bridge has been improved.
Snowflake Database (via JDBC): missing source object in lineage Improved the lineage for the SQL queries that contain references on semi-structured data such as JSON.
Hadoop Hive Database (HCatalog and Metastore via JDBC) import bridges: support for both string or file of schema subset Improved the Schema parameter to provide a parameter file.
Talend Data Integration: support for the tS3Copy component The support for the tS3Copy component has been added.
Talend Data Integration: support for the tRedshiftBulkExec component The support for the tRedShiftBulkExec component has been added for S3/EMR source types.
Apache Hadoop Hive Database (HCatalog and Metastore via JDC): new support for the backup of multi models The support for the backup of multi models has been added with the -backup option to the miscellaneous parameter.
Apache Spark (with Python or Scala): new -prescript import option The new -prescript import option has been added to the miscellaneous parameter.
Database DDL export bridges: new Oracle MySQL Database SQL DDL Script export bridge The Oracle MySQL Database SQL DDL Script export bridge has been added.
IBM Infosphere Data Architect (IDA): hierarchies with less than one level association are skipped The hierarchies which do not have at least one hierarchy level association are now skipped when importing the model.
Sparx Enterprise Architect (UML 2.x XMI): support for primary keys and null values The support for primary keys and null values has been added.
Bridge Help panel: harmonization and cleanup The content in the Help panel in the bridge import setup has been reorganized and updated.
Import of mappings via the Metadata Excel Format: description is not imported A Script.Description property has been added to the profile to import the description of a mapping.
MicroStrategy: added the ability to exclude folders within a project The -folders.exclude option has been added to the miscellaneous parameter documentation.
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and Data Lake Storage: added browsing time limitation for third-party tool repository The format validation and path existence of the Root directory parameter have been implemented for the Test and Import actions.

The common code has been implemented to limit the browsing time by 30 seconds.

Microsoft Azure Power BI Service (Repository): warnings and null pointer errors The support for ODBC and local data sources has been improved.

The storeType parameter has been set earlier to avoid warnings for DataSet models.

The empty schema has been removed if there are no tables underneath.

Oracle Database (via JDBC): 14K of "MBI_JDBC4_W0243 Trigger Classifier '%' was not found in Schema" log messages The trigger related log messages have been deleted for the single-model and multi-model versions.
Talend Data Integration / tDBRow component: support for COPY query Extra function call has been handled on the context parameter.
Talend Data Preparation: error "Lineage can be incorrect" The support for ExtractEmailParts action has been added.
HDFS, Hive, Navigator bridges: support for Cloudera Data Platform 7.1 The CDP 7.1 is now supported.
Microsoft SSIS (Repository database): improved the documentation for the User bridge parameter The documentation for the User bridge parameter has been improved to specify the required database permissions.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Microsoft SQL Server (via JDBC): "java.lang.StackOverflowError" error when requesting data sampling for the large number of columns Fixed the handling of large list of objects in the data profiling option.
Oracle Database: MITI.MIRException: The Model is not consistent Fixed the processing of the Oracle procedure ID.
Microsoft SQL Server (via JDBC): MITI.MIRException: There already exists a COLUMN with the name <> in the parent TYPE <> Fixed the user-defined types and names of tables and views.
File System bridge: new encoding parameter for Shift_JIS Added the encoding enumeration parameter for Delimited files and Fixed Width files. Added -file.encoding miscellaneous parameter.
SAS Data Integration: NullPointer issue with SAS SPK packages Fixed the filter with an orphaned column in the cross join function.
Snowflake Database (via JDBC): fixed expression parser Fixed the columns that are specified as $1.
Talend Data Integration: tSAPTableInput connection missing after harvesting Fixed the tSAPTableInput filter.
Miscellaneous parameter: added support for -cache.clear option for import bridges Added the support for the -cache.clear option.
QlikView dashboard: issue when harvesting the database connections Added the backup functionality for Qlikview.
SAP Business Suite 4 HANA (S/4HANA), ECC: java.lang.NullPointerException: Unable to successfully import Fixed the issue when the D010TAB tables have duplicate records.

Improved the bridge profile by improving the ABAP function module to minimize warnings and by fixing the exception and the double download issue.

You have to apply the updated ABAP function module on the SAP server.

You should configure the bridge and Talend Cloud Data Catalog application server with 15 to 20GB of memory.

Talend Data Integration: no lineage with Amazon Aurora MySQL database connection Added the support for the LOAD DATA statement in the MySQL expression analyzer.
Bridge miscellaneous parameter: fixed the -backup option for MySQL databases (via JDBC) Added the creationDate and modificationDate values to the backup option and ordered backing up of schemes.
Bridge miscellaneous parameter: fixed the -backup option for JDBC databases Added the isInheritsLineageOptions value to the backup option.

Added the support for multi-model backup.

QlikSense Server: not able to parse expressions in visualization extensions Removed the JSON part from the title and added the parsing expressions in the title.
Amazon Athena / Database (via JDBC): views are missing in scan Improved the template query processing to control the structure of the result set.
IBM Informix Database (via JDBC): error java.sql.SQLException: Unable to find User Defined Routine with the given ID The bridge behavior has been changed to import even if this error type has occurred.
Hadoop Hive Database (HCatalog and Metastore via JDBC) import bridge: Cloudera Data Platform 7.1 / some columns are not extracted Improved the bridge to support the new behavior of Hive column names.
SQL parsing of Transformation expressions for import bridges: limitations on Oracle database extensions The Oracle extension limitations are the following:
  • The Oracle text literals is supported and is limited to the two single quotation marks mechanism such as 'Jackie''s raincoat'.
  • The Q/q alternative quoting mechanism such as Q<'Jackie's raincoat>' is not supported.
Oracle Database (via JDBC): test connection failing with ORA-12505 Added new debug messages and comments and improved the exception handling.
Snowflake Database SQL DML (DI/ETL) Script (SnowSQL): table to table lineage Fixed the stars in queries with CTE and the aliases. Added the support for function DATEDIFF.
Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Database (via JDBC): database null values are inferred as null character values when running the profiling of the database Updated the bridge code to pass to the data profiling library as either an empty string or a java null value.
Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Enterprise Edition (Server): repository subset browse is failing Improved the code related to the detection of duplicate paths.
Oracle Database (via JDBC): fails with multiple IllegalArgumentExceptions Fixed the Oracle schema query.
Informatica PowerCenter: error StackOverflowError Fixed the recursive parameter resolution.
Microsoft Power BI Report Server (Repository): cannot stitch if query contains variable/parameter Improved the detection of database types.