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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Miscellaneous parameters: standardization of ETL post processing options with user-friendly long names The ETL post processing options have been improved with user-friendly names, such as -ppus renamed with -etl.summary.add.ultimate.
SAP HANA Database (via JDBC): new support for data profiling and sampling for calculation views The bridge now supports the data profiling and sampling for calculation views.
Microsoft ADLS Gen2: new support for Managed Service Identity (MSI) authentication The bridge now supports the Managed Service Identity (MSI) authentication:
  • redesigned code to use Stable Azure API instead of Legacy
  • renamed the bridge parameter with Access key, SAS token, or MSI Tenant-Id/Client-Id
Miscellaneous parameters: standardization of options with user-friendly long names The existing options have been improved with user-friendly names, such as -j renamed with -java.parameters.
Oracle SQL DML (PL/SQL) Script: support for File as a connection The initial lineage for the file related API has been added.
Talend Data Integration: new support for tRedshiftUnload The tRedshiftUnload component (query command/schema) is now supported.
Microsoft SQL Server (via JDBC): expression parsing / new support for CALL name The CALL name is now supported.
Talend Data Integration: expression parsing / new support for question marks 'where ISCL_SOK = ?' The question marks are now supported.
Microsoft SSIS: expression parsing / new support for variables The variables such as @[var] are now supported.
Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Enterprise Edition (Server): improved expression parser The expression parser has been improved to detect lineage of the SELECT tables.
Denodo Virtual DataPort: new backup miscellaneous parameter The -backup parameter has been added.
Amazon S3 Storage: improved the Root directory parameter description The Root directory parameter description has been updated to reflect five levels of browsing depth.
Salesforce (SFDC) Database: new support for data profiling and sampling The bridge now supports the data profiling and sampling.
Change detection for import bridges: improved the checksum stability The checksum stability has been improved for the QlikSense, IBM InfoSphere Data Architect and SAP BW import bridges.
IBM Infosphere Data Architect (IDA) The import of the RelationshipProjection association and the searching of Entity have been improved. If the generalization relationships contain a 'href' tag, it will be skipped.
Hadoop Hive (via JDBC) import bridges: new support for Metastore on SQL Server Hive Metastore is now supported on SQL Server.
SAP BusinessObjects import bridges The error handling has been improved for these bridges. The session ID is now displayed as debug log message.
Talend Data Integration and Microsoft Data Lake Storage import bridges: improved import by merging duplicate tables/schemas Talend Cloud Data Catalog now merges tables/schemas duplicated due to a case sensitivity issue into one table/schema.
Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2: new support for Shared Access Signature (SAS) authentication token The Shared Access Signature (SAS) authentication token is now supported:
  • The Access key parameter has been renamed with Access key or SAS token or Tenant-Id/Client-Id.
  • The Test and Browse actions have been improved.
  • The Use authentication: 'Shared access signature' (SAS) log message has been added.
  • The bridge now uses Hadoop v.3.3.0.
  • The design time Hadoop library v.3.3.0 has been added into External\mimb\Hadoop\3.3.0\share\hadoop\tools\lib\hadoop-azure-3.3.0.jar.
Talend Data Integration / Microsoft Data Lake Storage: model stitching A container has been added to the connection path.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Talend Data Integration: lineage will not be made when tDBRow uses an asterisk in query Added the support for the 'propagate recordset' feature.
Oracle (via JDBC): fails with multiple IllegalArgumentExceptions Fixed the Oracle schema query.
Informatica PowerCenter: import failing with 'java.lang.NoSuchMethodError Fixed the ResolveParameter() signatures.
Denodo Virtual DataPort: cannot show schema name and view Fixed searching of database DB2.
Teradata DML Script (TPT): no tables Improved the support for the APPLY operator.
Java based export bridges: new miscellaneous parameters Added miscellaneous parameters to the Java based export bridges.
SAP PowerDesigner: failing with Access Violation (C0000005) Fixed the double attributes in an association.
Database (via JDBC) import bridges: data sample shows several same rows Fixed the duplicate records in the data sampling.
QlikSense: Expression syntax not recognized (or not supported) Fixed the parsing log file. Added support for the "section" keyword and the backup functionality.
Talend Data Integration: unnecessary S3 folder created when Access key is encrypted Removed the extra slashes coming from the access key property used in the connection name.
SAP S/4HANA / ECC: Model is not consistent Removed invalid FKs.
Apache Atlas: GUIDs are not extracted while processing summary lineage with the -ppus miscellaneous option Fixed the processing of GUIDs by improving the post-processor and summarizer to customize their behavior for each bridge type.
Oracle (via JDBC): issue about system release version Improved the detection of Oracle system release version.
Microsoft SSRS 2012: cannot import a dataset and data source when using a shared dataset to create the reports Improved the bridge to load external datasets and sources.
Oracle (via JDBC): The Model is not consistent -Argument must be associated to a Type Fixed the data types.
SAP BusinessObjects: added support for version 14.3 Added the support for BusinessObjects version 14.3 (BO XI 4.3).
Database via JDBC import bridges: issue with the -backup miscellaneous parameter Fixed the issue to save the backup of a single model if the field of the Schema parameter contains more than 256 characters.

Fixed the issue to restore a single model if the bridge imports several databases.

Talend Data Integration: java.io.FileNotFoundException error with dynamic jobs Fixed the import errors and improved the error handling.
Oracle ODI: test connection fails Improved I/O exception handling and added a new debug message.
Microsoft SQL Server (via JDBC): MITI.MIRException: There already exists a COLUMN with the name in the parent TABLE with Case Sensitive DB Fixed the case-sensitive detection at model level and the model SystemCase property.
Database SQL DML (DI/ETL) Script: incremental import parameter replaced with the -cache.clear miscellaneous option Replaced the incremental import parameter with the -cache.clear option.
SAP HANA: database name is always coming as "Database" Fixed the database name.
Hortonworks Hadoop Hive Database (via HCatalog and Metastore via JDBC): fails with SQL error - ORA-904 on Oracle Metastore Added the support for Hive Metastore hosted on Oracle.
Oracle OBIEE: MBI_OBIEE_E0031: 'com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxEOFException: Unexpected EOF in prolog at javax.xml.stream Fixed the IndexOutOfBoundsException error for the invalid FK columns.
Oracle Database (via JDBC): test connection failing with ORA-12505 Added new debug messages and comments and improved the exception handling.
Database SQL DML (DI/ETL) Script (TransactSQL): column propagation The column lineage of an output table is derived as * from the input table.
Microsoft SSIS: lineage is breaking in EDC when MITI extracts SQL query as Excel as Source/Target object Added support for SQL in File Stores.
Database SQL DML (DI/ETL) Script (TransactSQL): new support for BULK INSERT Added support for BULK INSERT in SQL Server.