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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Data mapping: new ability to select an external schema in the bulk mapping editor You can now select an external schema in the bulk mapping editor.
Embedded Webpage dashboard widget: improved the widget to check the validity of the URL A validation step has been added to make sure the URL is valid.
REST API: new PUT/configuration/stitch function A new REST API function PUT/configuration/stitch has been added to allow you to link a model to a connection in a configuration.
Models: new Open in external tool button to open a report in its source tool faster You can open a report imported in Talend Cloud Data Catalog in its source tool faster by clicking the new Open in external tool button next to the report name.

To enable this feature, you need to add the external URL in the Tools tab from the repository or configuration manager. For more information, see Talend Cloud Data Catalog User guide.

UI internationalization The translation of the Talend Cloud Data Catalog UI has been improved in French and Japanese.
System log: improved Javascript error logging The Javascript error logging has been improved in the system log to identify the issue easier by capturing the line where the error occurred.
Object explorer: multi-model root icons Default icons have been added for the root models and the vendor icons have been improved in the bridge list.
Data profiling and sampling: new availability of the Generate/Refresh Data Sampling and Profiling feature at the database server or schema level You can now request to generate or refresh data profiling and sampling at the database server or schema level.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
REST API: error 500 when executing a Talend Data Integration Job Design Fixed the error 500 when calling the GET/relationships/{objectId} function on a Talend Job.
Percentage widget: no error message when the widget is not defined correctly Added a new message in the Percentage widget when it is not set correctly.
REST API: improved security Created the following new REST API functions POST/auth/login, POST/auth/loginPlainText and POST/authloginOauth2 to improve the security.

Deprecated the following REST API functions GET/auth/login, GET/auth/loginPlainText and GET/auth/loginOauth2.

Manage Servers: shared secret is replaced with the value entered in the Name field when adding a new server Fixed the bug when adding a new Over the Web (Cloud) type server. The right value is saved for the shared secret in the URL field.
REST API: data flow overview lineage type is not working Fixed the GET/lineage/{StartingId} function to work with the DATA_FLOW_OVERVIEW lineage type.
Security vulnerability: URL access to configuration files Added a fix to improve the security.
Data Profiling: unexpected value for 'empty' statistic Fixed a counter for the records with empty values.
Talend Data Integration Job browser: Job folder selection is not cumulative Fixed the parameter value after using the repository browser dialog box.
Glossary: Context column in the Relationships tab is always empty Fixed the Context column in the Relationships tab to show the context for the relationships.
Data lineage: SQL error when tracing lineage for Hadoop Hive DML import Fixed the SQL statement for the data lineage. The fix requires a database upgrade.
MQL: term classification Fixed the search index to capture the actual term used to classify an object.